What do I do as a medium
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Good Evening Everyone,

I had a few clients reach out to me, as well as someone on my Facebook page ask me what I would consider myself once they found out I was part of this group. It is normal for me to get questions from all types of people about what I am, If I am a psychic, a medium or what I am exactly. You will run into all likes of people either accepting of this or negative about it.  I hate categorizing someones abilities but if you were to ask someone in this group they would tell you that I am a firm believer in not labeling someone however for education purposes I will say I am not a psychic (I hate that term) but more relate to the term medium

How do I speak to the spirits/or get information?

Well that is a two to three answer question which I will try to explain without droning on and on ………

I have been able to communicate with spirits since I was a young child . I started off seeing them not knowing they were no longer living , they looked as solid to me as a living person.

Second they communicate (which most genuine mediums will tell you) telepathically with both terms, as well as visions……how I would describe it is like showing an old black and white movie to someone – I don’t always know what they mean especially if I am not from the same geographical location as them , speak the same language as them or am living in the same time frame as them – them in this example I mean the deceased

Secondly I am also considered an extremely strong Psychic in Psychometry , I never realized the term for what I do until I joined this group almost six years ago. Psychometry for those of you who don’t know is considered a psychic term for being able to sense or “read” the history of an object by touching it. If you look up the term it says this: Psychometry is a form of scrying – a psychic way of “seeing” something that is not ordinarily seeable. Some Psychics you will see will claim to do this by what they call scry using a crystal ball, black glass or even the surface of water. I have not tried this with black glass, I have done it with crystals and water, next I would like to try is a mirror someday. With Psychometry this extraordinary vision is available through touch.

Me personally I can speak to those who have passed several ways, I can also use this gift with photo’s as well as objects and places the person lived or was at a certain time. I have consulted and helped with other paranormal groups , as well as countless people who have reached out to me for advice on a missing person by sending me a photo, a friend or acquaintance that has contacted them about paranormal activity , so they will often send me photo’s of the location to see what I pickup. Many times I am the “last resort” either because someone scammed them with a bogus reading or information or the paranormal investigators are curious to see where they should set up video or records at the location and most importantly want to know if I pickup any danger in such a location.

For me when a person has died whether I am reaching out to them through a reading for someone, on an investigation or I make the mistake of watching the news or read a newspaper and see a photo of a person that has died without me knowing it initially or a missing person picture at a store that can also trigger things.  If they realize I can see or hear them they can be relentless especially if they died a tragic death they will show me what happened both with my eyes but also use my body to make me feel every single thing they went through within their eyes, they do not possess me but I experience everything they do minus the actual wounds to the physical eye or dying literally. It is quite exhausting which causes it to take days for me to bounce back to normal life.

I will tell you that it is not anything like 95 percent of the shows that have been on for the past 8 to 10 years. Although I do respect some of the people in this field , there are many that I firmly believe take advantage of people by using such things for monetary gain.

I hope that explains some of what I do as a person born with many different abilities.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions

Bright Blessings,

My Mini Bio
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So I figured I would start off this corner of the PARANOLA world with an Intro for those of you who don’t know me

My name is Chris , I am originally from New England, now living in the South with my Pug Pugsley and my Rat Terrier Wednesday who are both named after characters from the classic show “The Adams Family” . I love writing, creating, the outside, gardening, my fish and just living a simple life. I am a huge advocate for animals often donating any tips or donations given to me by clients for readings to animals in need. My sweet Wednesday was rescued from a puppy-mill and Pugsley was my puppy saved on Craigslist.

I knew at a young age I was different, I could see spirits and communicate with these spirits since I was about three or four years old. I never knew they were any different than you or I until I was about 9 or 10. At that time due to some things in my family I buried my gifts deep within me.

I can see, speak and communicate with spirits who have passed. I love helping people with these gifts to find comfort in the messages that come through. I do not care for labels so Medium is the nearest to what I would say I am or what I can do.

I love reading, art, creating things as well as helping people with intuitive readings about life, those who have passed, health issues, as well as helping other paranormal groups with questions and consulting regarding photo’s of a place supposedly haunted or about the location, activity, etc. I am currently working on creating custom wands made out of wood and crystals, I also enjoy writing and I am currently working on a fictional story loosely based on life experiences as well as started a journal to help others like myself with dreams of writing a children’s book someday for those who now are born like this as I was many years ago. Spirits Girl

I joined the PARANOLA family about let’s see five years now , we are unique in we are those who are not in it for the fame, fortune or money whatsoever, we are in it to help people . Feel free to comment, leave me a message or even give me a subject you would like to see written about.

Look forward to the posts…….

Bright Blessings,

C 🙂

Site Updates
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We have taken some time to add some new things to our site.

– Links to all official social media accounts
– A submission link for investigation suggestions

Additionally we have started to add to our “Contributors” area of the site. This will be where Krewe members will share our experiences and hopefully some useful information about our various areas of expertise.

The first person to kick off this new component is our Resident Medium, Chris. She will be discussing topics related to psychic phenomena including her personal experiences and topics found throughout social media.

The contributors areas will also be relying on your input for topics, questions, and feedback!

Info Coming Soon
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We have been brainstorming on ways to work more closely with the people in our area who are interested in the paranormal. In the next few days we will be putting the final touches on our new plan to do just that.

If you have any suggestions about how you and/or people you know would be interested in interacting with us and even working with us please let us know! Just message us here!

Thank you for your help (and Happy OCTOBER!)

Halloween Selfies

@PARANOLA has a great home!
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We are so pleased to announce that we have been able to secure a great office from which we will be operating!

Located in the very heart of downtown New Orleans, Louisiana this office gives us a centralized place to do day to day business. This is a huge step forward after working hard to maintain a consistent level of business while being without a real centralized and @PARANOLA specific home. As of the end of November we began getting the bare bones of the space together with desks, storage, telecom, and such things. Beginning this week we will be consolidating our resources into the new space.

This is a huge step for us and we would like to thank all of you who have been behind us through our occasional stumbles and slow-downs. Trust us, they have been just as trying to us if not more so.

More information, photos, and details will be coming soon.

– The PARANOLA Krewe

Tricksters? Yes, I believe so. (Pt. 2)
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I will be honest, I had a hundred ideas about what it could be. I didn’t freak out, not really how I respond to things but I did have my mind start racing. I immediately went to see if I could find ANYTHING that would make sense. Nothing. This is inside, in a room, not outside where it could have been a crazed squirrel.

I felt a bit of what I call ‘my feeling’ that tends to fire when something odd is happening. It isn’t an all over feeling, if you have watched any of our @PARANOLA videos you have probably heard me mention it. I feel a tingling down one arm just as I opened the door and walked into the room. To be honest I had a feeling of energy all through my body, but with this specific arm thing in addition.shot glass

I mentioned it to someone else in the house, no one had been in there. I sat back down in my chair to continue working on what I was writing. Within about an hour I heard a bit of a scared yell and glass breaking, nearly simultaneously. A shot glass (which I put my vitamins in) was on my night stand and I was told it moved from one side of a table and flew off shattering on impact.

At this point I am actively thinking, this seems peculiar. I trusted the person who had told me about the shot glass as if I would have seen it myself. However, always trying to be skeptical I didn’t really. I tend to not even trust my own eyes when it comes to such things.

It wasn’t long until the final two shoes dropped. Two rooms, directly next to each other had odd events and then they both did, loudly again.

(last on this, part 3 will be posted shortly.)

Tricksters? Yes, I believe so. (Pt. 1)
Tricksters? Yes, I believe so. (Pt. 1) avatar

I am quite sure that there are spirits, even having a very skeptical and scientific approach to paranormal investigation. Yes, it seems a bit of an oxymoron but I believe the more time you spend investigating the paranormal the more certain things become self evident.Clown Doll

Today I had one of those days. One where my negativity and the stress I have been under might have contributed to there being an opening for something unwanted to enter. No, this isn’t just about having the house open due to my AC being on the blink and allowing a mosquito or two inside. I honestly have seen how negative energy can be like a magnet to more negativity, people, and possibly other things.

The concept of ‘tricksters’ are fun fodder for short stories and even tv shows. However looking into such things you find there are variations on the intent (conscious or intrinsic) that they have. What I bumped into today, I believe was one of the lesser ones. Not malevolent but with enough energy to manipulate objects, possibly emotions, and even perception.

It began with a simple enough thing, I was not paying much attention to what I was doing as I was checking email. I realized I had popped up an application that allowed me to view my security cameras. It was a full screen HD one that came on by default. I looked at it, thought ‘why did I open this?’ and then saw what appeared to be something resembling a clown doll pop out from underneath something, shake back and forth violently about 3 times and then disappear back under what it had emerged from.

… to be continued.

Trials and Tribulations… of Ghost Hunting Teams
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funny-humor-tripping-warning-zombieIt is one of those things that everyone in any volunteer group face, how do you keep people together? Harder still how do you keep everyone motivated?

In the paranormal investigation world it is as difficult as sorting through hours of video. You have to find the right combination of personalities, coordinating free time, dealing with everyone’s personal lives, and that is before even getting access to a place to investigate. Then it gets even more complicated.

The key is to make sure that everyone meshes well and have similar expectations, motivations, and enthusiasm. It can take time and as most groups that have been around for more than a few months know, not everyone always works out. It doesn’t mean they are not good people, it just means one of those necessary components is not the right fit.

So just keep at it, don’t give up, and if it is truly a passion let that passion continue to move you and your team forward.


Cemetery Investigation Issues
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We are asked often why we haven’t formally investigated some of the more infamous cemeteries in the New Orleans area. It is really as simple as you would think.

One concept includes city-owned properties not wanting to bother with the possible negative press from the families of those interred in their cemeteries (no matter what kind of horrendous conditions they far too often are allowed to end up in.) There is also the myriad of bureaucratic offices and officials that would rather deny than approve of such an investigation.

Then you have those who are owned by the Catholic Church. Let us look at some basic Church doctrine on “ghosts” and the “spirit”. While there are some (we know from first hand conversations) in the Archdiocese of New Orleans who have a more open view on such investigations, the problem is that the majority are most interested protecting the dogma over possible new insights.

There are the few that are out there who are unattended, that belong to non-Catholic churches, and various other ones. These all can lead to issues including those mentioned, issues with local residents watching people waltzing around a abandoned cemetery, and of course local law enforcement who may or may not be cooperative even if contacted before time.

Another consideration is one you must take seriously is this. If there are random spirits, ones that are inactive should we as living beings, investigators, go into their final resting place and disturb them?

What do YOU want?
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So we have this discussion and have a good general consensus. The question is do you consider yourself an investigator, an enthusiast, or someone who innocently stands by?

When watching documentation from investigations, do you want to be told what the investigators generally agree they see or hear? In other words, do you want a blurb under a supposed EVP or spirit voice recording telling you what the investigators believe they are hearing? Do you understand the concept of matrixing? Should possible images that contain some not readily explainable video be explained as to what a consensus of the investigators on the scene think they see, or even outlined for you to see what the investigators believe they are seeing?

Or do you look at any of this a pandering?

We would like your comments.