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Site Updates
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We have taken some time to add some new things to our site.

РLinks to all official social media accounts
– A submission link for investigation suggestions

Additionally we have started to add to our “Contributors” area of the site. This will be where Krewe members will share our experiences and hopefully some useful information about our various areas of expertise.

The first person to kick off this new component is our Resident Medium, Chris. She will be discussing topics related to psychic phenomena including her personal experiences and topics found throughout social media.

The contributors areas will also be relying on your input for topics, questions, and feedback!

Greatest Laid Plans: Overcoming
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It has been our philosophy to bring in people who, on their word promise they will be focused and dedicated to the work of our @PARANOLA Krewe. This has backfired more than once in the past year. It has delayed our release of a few of our investigations and it has made the tension level higher than any of the founding Krewe would want to deal with.

At this point we are suspending any applications for new members of the Krewe of @PARANOLA however we promise to get the shoots we have made edited and online before the end of the year. We are committed to tightening our ranks, helping one another power through our own private issues and get these things done so we can bring to you our findings and investigations to this point. For the foreseeable future, we will not be looking for new members but would welcome any submissions of sites to investigate.

Thank you for all of your support and we will get this right before we give you anything just to give you something.


Our Online Video Channel
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We would like to invite you to subscribe to our channel on Vimeo. Right now there is just the test shoot we did a few months ago that was based on our investigation of New Orleans, LA’s Holt Cemetery.

But so much more is to come…

Subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

Membership Application Page is Back, Short Time Only
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If you live in New Orleans and would like to join up with our ‘krewe’ please do so here:

New Site Design Underway
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We have decided to better keep everyone up to date that we would remake the site.

Please bear with us while we are making the change-over.

Thank you!