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What do YOU want?
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So we have this discussion and have a good general consensus. The question is do you consider yourself an investigator, an enthusiast, or someone who innocently stands by?

When watching documentation from investigations, do you want to be told what the investigators generally agree they see or hear? In other words, do you want a blurb under a supposed EVP or spirit voice recording telling you what the investigators believe they are hearing? Do you understand the concept of matrixing? Should possible images that contain some not readily explainable video be explained as to what a consensus of the investigators on the scene think they see, or even outlined for you to see what the investigators believe they are seeing?

Or do you look at any of this a pandering?

We would like your comments.


The Ship’s Wheel Investigation: Background
The Ship’s Wheel Investigation: Background avatar

So we are working our way through the audio and video shot at the one time Fat City staple called “The Ship’s Wheel.”

This was a very unique experience for us and done differently than we normally do things. This has to do with the activity we experienced, the client participation, and that there were just two of our group at the shoot. @PARANOLAJoe and @PARANOLASarah were the only team members available after having had a different investigation the night before. So it was those two @PARANOLA Krewe members and three of the key people from the Ship’s Wheel.
The former burlesque/strip bar had been a family run business for decades and the last night before the new owners took the keys was the night we investigated. There had been reports of many strange occurrences, ranging from dark figures, to knocking noises, glasses at the bar moving or falling, to a presence that they believe was linked to a local man who was down on his luck that the Ship’s Wheel had taken in as family that had died a few years ago.

What we ended up with was a very strong reaction from a  that appeared to be directly answering questions when asked by one of the Wheel’s family. We ended up with evidence that seems to imply that even in death the link between a father and daughter continues on.

The whole webisode will be posted soon and you will be able to see exactly what we mean. For now you can see the two “Ship’s Wheel” teases that we have posted on our Vimeo Channel.

The specific Ship’s Wheel teases are located here:

Tease #1:

Tease #2:

1st Investigation of 2013 is Next Week!
1st Investigation of 2013 is Next Week! avatar

We have done the obligatory exterior shots, some creative ones, and basically laid the groundwork for this investigation. The day after we will let you know how it went, but what we can say is that this involves the Mafia, prohibition, secret tunnels (yes in New Orleans), Masonic Rituals, and the mighty Mississippi River.

We will be missing some of the Krewe but we have some new members to introduce to you as well.

Hopes are high, expectations low… as any investigation should be looked at.

What we find or do not find we will share with you. Also, this is a place the public has easy access to, so we will be looking for anyone with personal experiences to contribute with comments!

Thank you for your support and 2013 is going to be a VERY busy year.


1st of 2013 Set Up…
1st of 2013 Set Up… avatar

We are pleased to announce we have our first confirmed date of 2013 locked in as of Saturday December 29th, 2012.

This has great potential with multiple independent sightings of an apparition, objects moving, and various other possible paranormal happenings. In this case, as we prefer, we will be the first professional organization to investigate this location.

Once the event is done we will let you know when it will be available for viewing on our Vimeo Channel:

“Inharmonious” – Now Online.
“Inharmonious” – Now Online. avatar

We invite you to take a look at our video from a @PARANOLA investigation we had shot in a private residence in the Garden District of Uptown New Orleans. It is long and not polished up, what you see is how things happened. Future episodes will be cut down to highlight anything we believe is worth note, but this gives you an idea how tough (tedious even?) how full SB-7 and Ovilus sessions can be.

It was a fairly quiet night but, even so there are things that might be of interest.

Investigation 2012/04/14
Investigation 2012/04/14 avatar

A group of five investigated yesterday at a notorious New Orleans Cemetery, Holt. The investigation lasted nearly 5 hours and involved the use of KII meters, IR Video Cameras, Mel Meters, Digital Voice Recorders, and a very effective use of a SB-7 “Spirit Box.”

Results of the investigation will be posted soon, including a few intelligent conversations through the SB-7 and multiple EVP.