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Greatest Laid Plans: Overcoming
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It has been our philosophy to bring in people who, on their word promise they will be focused and dedicated to the work of our @PARANOLA Krewe. This has backfired more than once in the past year. It has delayed our release of a few of our investigations and it has made the tension level higher than any of the founding Krewe would want to deal with.

At this point we are suspending any applications for new members of the Krewe of @PARANOLA however we promise to get the shoots we have made edited and online before the end of the year. We are committed to tightening our ranks, helping one another power through our own private issues and get these things done so we can bring to you our findings and investigations to this point. For the foreseeable future, we will not be looking for new members but would welcome any submissions of sites to investigate.

Thank you for all of your support and we will get this right before we give you anything just to give you something.


Crossroads: How to Proceed
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It seems the world of the paranormal has become more of a social event than a scientific or sincere investigation. We are doing our damn-est to bring you what we have recorded, documented and witnessed first hand over the past few months. Do we turn things around in a short period of time, no. The simple answer is this, “we want to make sure we follow as best we can to the scientific method and our real-time experiences.”

coffeepot_smThese experiences can be complicated, not only that they can be emotionally and physically traumatic. We are doing out best to bring you well produced versions of what we experienced so you can have as accurate of a portrayal of what the investigators went through as well as any of those who were with us. That takes some time, particular with necessary personnel changes and being respectful to those who had traumatic experiences during the investigations.

Within the next week or two you will see clips from what we are working on now. Three NEW investigations done, while we continue to press for more to investigate. It is important that everyone recognizes that those who participate in these cases are not only doing scientific, paranormal, and scientific work but are experiencing REAL physical and emotional trauma at times.

Not every investigation, but it happens and has happened wiships_wheelthin the course of our last few investigations. All of our participants sign waivers to give the Krewe a chance to use whatever we film, but we are a family. Unless our family is comfortable sharing our experiences from the investigation, we will not move forward until/unless they do.

Thank you for your patience with us, your support, and your encouragement.


2013 Rapidly Approaching
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We are busily trying to manage our personal business/lives and working on setting up the investigation schedule for the first quarter of 2013. We have paperwork in progress for a large site, a well known but as of yet investigated alleged haunting at a dance hall, and the first of a series of investigations we will be doing for alleged hauntings in the French Quarter.

2012 ended up being less productive than we had anticipated. We are all disappointed with that. Many of the PARANOLA Krewe experienced devastating personal losses and illnesses. The hurricane didn’t help much, happening right around the time we had 3 investigations set-up. (We are hoping to reschedule those for this coming summer.

Thank you for your patience and the PARANOLA Krewe wants to thank you for your support and special thanks to those who came out to see those of us who were at ComicCon 2012 New Orleans!

We are looking forward to a great 2013 and we wish you one as well!


Membership Application Page is Back, Short Time Only
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If you live in New Orleans and would like to join up with our ‘krewe’ please do so here:

Short Video from a Test Shoot: Holt Cemetery
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Holt Cemetery Investigation:

PARANOLA at Chip Coffey’s ” Coffey Talk”
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The event was held at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel on Orleans St. in NoLa. The talk was divided into four parts. The first part consisted of Chip Coffey talking about his life and family from childhood on to present day and how his childhood relates to his new book, Growing Up Psychic. The second part involved Chip talking about work he has done including Paranormal State and Psychic Kids and included some brief clips from episodes such as the infamous “I am six.”

In the third section Chip randomly picked people to ask him questions either as a medium or a psychic. There were a lot of questions about loved ones who are now in spirit. After the third section the people who only bought basic admission tickets left. VIP and Super VIP then had their pictures taken with Chip and everyone received an autographed copy of Growing Up Psychic.

The fourth section was a brief investigation of the hotel’s ballroom in which we were permitted to record and use the KII and the Mel meters. Chip utilized the mini mag-light technique.. if you have never tried this technique it is worth a shot. Interesting that Chip picked up on children spirits while no one in our group had the slightest intuition of any children being around. One of my favorite parts of the evening was when Chip raffled off his scarf.

Sadly, I did not win but I did donate $20 to NoH8 and animal rescue organizations. (^_^)

Overall a very interesting night. We did manage to get our name out there so I would not be surprised if our next investigation stems from this night in some fashion.

Illness and Ghosts
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No this isn’t about TB. It is about the fact that when the weather makes its major turn here we all get sick. I think everyone we know is sick. It has slowed us down but it sounds like all the founding four will be at Chip Coffey’s ‘Coffey Talk’ for the Super VIP.

In other news, we are still fighting through audio from Holt Cemetery. We have some great EVP and the SB-7 Spirit Box session should more or less be done as one whole clip. There is ‘deep voice’ no, not @paranolajoe and who we believe is someone from two different graves we were next to in the cemetery.

We have a very dynamic collection of investigation venues we are working on, including closed churches, to a firehouse. (Must say I am partial to the firehouse.) It’s hard to get places to shut off off the power and let people roam through it, but we have some very convincing people. 😉

There has been a decision and someone will get a ticket paid for to the Chip Coffey ‘Coffey Talk’ to hang out with us, all the founders should be there plus maybe more.