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So I figured I would start off this corner of the PARANOLA world with an Intro for those of you who don’t know me

My name is Chris , I am originally from New England, now living in the South with my Pug Pugsley and my Rat Terrier Wednesday who are both named after characters from the classic show “The Adams Family” . I love writing, creating, the outside, gardening, my fish and just living a simple life. I am a huge advocate for animals often donating any tips or donations given to me by clients for readings to animals in need. My sweet Wednesday was rescued from a puppy-mill and Pugsley was my puppy saved on Craigslist.

I knew at a young age I was different, I could see spirits and communicate with these spirits since I was about three or four years old. I never knew they were any different than you or I until I was about 9 or 10. At that time due to some things in my family I buried my gifts deep within me.

I can see, speak and communicate with spirits who have passed. I love helping people with these gifts to find comfort in the messages that come through. I do not care for labels so Medium is the nearest to what I would say I am or what I can do.

I love reading, art, creating things as well as helping people with intuitive readings about life, those who have passed, health issues, as well as helping other paranormal groups with questions and consulting regarding photo’s of a place supposedly haunted or about the location, activity, etc. I am currently working on creating custom wands made out of wood and crystals, I also enjoy writing and I am currently working on a fictional story loosely based on life experiences as well as started a journal to help others like myself with dreams of writing a children’s book someday for those who now are born like this as I was many years ago. Spirits Girl

I joined the PARANOLA family about let’s see five years now , we are unique in we are those who are not in it for the fame, fortune or money whatsoever, we are in it to help people . Feel free to comment, leave me a message or even give me a subject you would like to see written about.

Look forward to the posts…….

Bright Blessings,

C 🙂

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