PARANOLA is a paranormal research and investigation team that focuses on the Greater New Orleans Area exclusively.

Our main goal is to process and document paranormal activity. We focus on researching thoroughly including adhering as close as possible to the processes of the scientific method.

Our Future Plans:

Our future is a bright one with some very talented people working to bring a resource to the Greater New Orleans Community. Through our investigation, documenting what we find and what you find, as well as working to create a New Orleans-based and Greater New Orleans focused forum for locals and visitors alike who have experienced the paranormal in our great city.

We will begin shooting our investigations in the most commonly believed haunts in our city to places you’ve never known existed. Those investigations will then be posted so you can comment, question, and share your insight with us.


Contact Us:

You can also contact us here:

FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/paranola
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/paranola
VIMEO: http://vimeo.com/paranola

Toll-Free: (855) PARANO-0 (727-2660)
(855) 727-2660

2 Responses to “About PARANOLA”

  1. Wavatar joan anderson says:

    i am interested in doing some investigating. i have been to the myrtles numerous times and have experience many things. seeing and hearing ghost runs in my family and i originally started my own investigations just to prove to myself, that i am not really crazy, as my x used to tell me. i am an x-ray technician and have always been facinated with the afterlife.

  2. Wavatar Lillian Trahan says:

    I’ve emailed recently 3 photos, titled “Bonnie sue boat”the 1st pic is the boat, 2nd is inside the cabin with flash, 3rd taken next day no flash. These are pictures of “the Bonnie sue” at bayou caddy in bay saint Louis, Mississippi. this is my ex-husband/friends boat. He died 1 1/2 year ago. The second photo is a recently taken photo inside cabin. He is sitting in the cabins seat, and someone (I believe his brother) is sitting next to him. The 3rd photo was taken the next day, with no flash and clearly out lines the chairs. I dont know what to think of this..help me..my kids 26 and 24 have also seen his image at home…looking for answers , thank you..