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Cemetery Investigation Issues
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We are asked often why we haven’t formally investigated some of the more infamous cemeteries in the New Orleans area. It is really as simple as you would think.

One concept includes city-owned properties not wanting to bother with the possible negative press from the families of those interred in their cemeteries (no matter what kind of horrendous conditions they far too often are allowed to end up in.) There is also the myriad of bureaucratic offices and officials that would rather deny than approve of such an investigation.

Then you have those who are owned by the Catholic Church. Let us look at some basic Church doctrine on “ghosts” and the “spirit”. While there are some (we know from first hand conversations) in the Archdiocese of New Orleans who have a more open view on such investigations, the problem is that the majority are most interested protecting the dogma over possible new insights.

There are the few that are out there who are unattended, that belong to non-Catholic churches, and various other ones. These all can lead to issues including those mentioned, issues with local residents watching people waltzing around a abandoned cemetery, and of course local law enforcement who may or may not be cooperative even if contacted before time.

Another consideration is one you must take seriously is this. If there are random spirits, ones that are inactive should we as living beings, investigators, go into their final resting place and disturb them?

The Old Coffee Pot Preview Is Online!
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You can find the video on our Vimeo TV channel:

Or here is a direct link to the video:

Crossroads: How to Proceed
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It seems the world of the paranormal has become more of a social event than a scientific or sincere investigation. We are doing our damn-est to bring you what we have recorded, documented and witnessed first hand over the past few months. Do we turn things around in a short period of time, no. The simple answer is this, “we want to make sure we follow as best we can to the scientific method and our real-time experiences.”

coffeepot_smThese experiences can be complicated, not only that they can be emotionally and physically traumatic. We are doing out best to bring you well produced versions of what we experienced so you can have as accurate of a portrayal of what the investigators went through as well as any of those who were with us. That takes some time, particular with necessary personnel changes and being respectful to those who had traumatic experiences during the investigations.

Within the next week or two you will see clips from what we are working on now. Three NEW investigations done, while we continue to press for more to investigate. It is important that everyone recognizes that those who participate in these cases are not only doing scientific, paranormal, and scientific work but are experiencing REAL physical and emotional trauma at times.

Not every investigation, but it happens and has happened wiships_wheelthin the course of our last few investigations. All of our participants sign waivers to give the Krewe a chance to use whatever we film, but we are a family. Unless our family is comfortable sharing our experiences from the investigation, we will not move forward until/unless they do.

Thank you for your patience with us, your support, and your encouragement.