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Tricksters? Yes, I believe so. (Pt. 2)
Tricksters? Yes, I believe so. (Pt. 2) avatar

I will be honest, I had a hundred ideas about what it could be. I didn’t freak out, not really how I respond to things but I did have my mind start racing. I immediately went to see if I could find ANYTHING that would make sense. Nothing. This is inside, in a room, not outside where it could have been a crazed squirrel.

I felt a bit of what I call ‘my feeling’ that tends to fire when something odd is happening. It isn’t an all over feeling, if you have watched any of our @PARANOLA videos you have probably heard me mention it. I feel a tingling down one arm just as I opened the door and walked into the room. To be honest I had a feeling of energy all through my body, but with this specific arm thing in addition.shot glass

I mentioned it to someone else in the house, no one had been in there. I sat back down in my chair to continue working on what I was writing. Within about an hour I heard a bit of a scared yell and glass breaking, nearly simultaneously. A shot glass (which I put my vitamins in) was on my night stand and I was told it moved from one side of a table and flew off shattering on impact.

At this point I am actively thinking, this seems peculiar. I trusted the person who had told me about the shot glass as if I would have seen it myself. However, always trying to be skeptical I didn’t really. I tend to not even trust my own eyes when it comes to such things.

It wasn’t long until the final two shoes dropped. Two rooms, directly next to each other had odd events and then they both did, loudly again.

(last on this, part 3 will be posted shortly.)

Tricksters? Yes, I believe so. (Pt. 1)
Tricksters? Yes, I believe so. (Pt. 1) avatar

I am quite sure that there are spirits, even having a very skeptical and scientific approach to paranormal investigation. Yes, it seems a bit of an oxymoron but I believe the more time you spend investigating the paranormal the more certain things become self evident.Clown Doll

Today I had one of those days. One where my negativity and the stress I have been under might have contributed to there being an opening for something unwanted to enter. No, this isn’t just about having the house open due to my AC being on the blink and allowing a mosquito or two inside. I honestly have seen how negative energy can be like a magnet to more negativity, people, and possibly other things.

The concept of ‘tricksters’ are fun fodder for short stories and even tv shows. However looking into such things you find there are variations on the intent (conscious or intrinsic) that they have. What I bumped into today, I believe was one of the lesser ones. Not malevolent but with enough energy to manipulate objects, possibly emotions, and even perception.

It began with a simple enough thing, I was not paying much attention to what I was doing as I was checking email. I realized I had popped up an application that allowed me to view my security cameras. It was a full screen HD one that came on by default. I looked at it, thought ‘why did I open this?’ and then saw what appeared to be something resembling a clown doll pop out from underneath something, shake back and forth violently about 3 times and then disappear back under what it had emerged from.

… to be continued.

Trials and Tribulations… of Ghost Hunting Teams
Trials and Tribulations… of Ghost Hunting Teams avatar

funny-humor-tripping-warning-zombieIt is one of those things that everyone in any volunteer group face, how do you keep people together? Harder still how do you keep everyone motivated?

In the paranormal investigation world it is as difficult as sorting through hours of video. You have to find the right combination of personalities, coordinating free time, dealing with everyone’s personal lives, and that is before even getting access to a place to investigate. Then it gets even more complicated.

The key is to make sure that everyone meshes well and have similar expectations, motivations, and enthusiasm. It can take time and as most groups that have been around for more than a few months know, not everyone always works out. It doesn’t mean they are not good people, it just means one of those necessary components is not the right fit.

So just keep at it, don’t give up, and if it is truly a passion let that passion continue to move you and your team forward.


What do YOU want?
What do YOU want? avatar

So we have this discussion and have a good general consensus. The question is do you consider yourself an investigator, an enthusiast, or someone who innocently stands by?

When watching documentation from investigations, do you want to be told what the investigators generally agree they see or hear? In other words, do you want a blurb under a supposed EVP or spirit voice recording telling you what the investigators believe they are hearing? Do you understand the concept of matrixing? Should possible images that contain some not readily explainable video be explained as to what a consensus of the investigators on the scene think they see, or even outlined for you to see what the investigators believe they are seeing?

Or do you look at any of this a pandering?

We would like your comments.


The Ship’s Wheel Investigation: Background
The Ship’s Wheel Investigation: Background avatar

So we are working our way through the audio and video shot at the one time Fat City staple called “The Ship’s Wheel.”

This was a very unique experience for us and done differently than we normally do things. This has to do with the activity we experienced, the client participation, and that there were just two of our group at the shoot. @PARANOLAJoe and @PARANOLASarah were the only team members available after having had a different investigation the night before. So it was those two @PARANOLA Krewe members and three of the key people from the Ship’s Wheel.
The former burlesque/strip bar had been a family run business for decades and the last night before the new owners took the keys was the night we investigated. There had been reports of many strange occurrences, ranging from dark figures, to knocking noises, glasses at the bar moving or falling, to a presence that they believe was linked to a local man who was down on his luck that the Ship’s Wheel had taken in as family that had died a few years ago.

What we ended up with was a very strong reaction from a  that appeared to be directly answering questions when asked by one of the Wheel’s family. We ended up with evidence that seems to imply that even in death the link between a father and daughter continues on.

The whole webisode will be posted soon and you will be able to see exactly what we mean. For now you can see the two “Ship’s Wheel” teases that we have posted on our Vimeo Channel.

The specific Ship’s Wheel teases are located here:

Tease #1:

Tease #2:

The Old Coffee Pot Preview Is Online!
The Old Coffee Pot Preview Is Online! avatar

You can find the video on our Vimeo TV channel:

Or here is a direct link to the video:

Crossroads: How to Proceed
Crossroads: How to Proceed avatar

It seems the world of the paranormal has become more of a social event than a scientific or sincere investigation. We are doing our damn-est to bring you what we have recorded, documented and witnessed first hand over the past few months. Do we turn things around in a short period of time, no. The simple answer is this, “we want to make sure we follow as best we can to the scientific method and our real-time experiences.”

coffeepot_smThese experiences can be complicated, not only that they can be emotionally and physically traumatic. We are doing out best to bring you well produced versions of what we experienced so you can have as accurate of a portrayal of what the investigators went through as well as any of those who were with us. That takes some time, particular with necessary personnel changes and being respectful to those who had traumatic experiences during the investigations.

Within the next week or two you will see clips from what we are working on now. Three NEW investigations done, while we continue to press for more to investigate. It is important that everyone recognizes that those who participate in these cases are not only doing scientific, paranormal, and scientific work but are experiencing REAL physical and emotional trauma at times.

Not every investigation, but it happens and has happened wiships_wheelthin the course of our last few investigations. All of our participants sign waivers to give the Krewe a chance to use whatever we film, but we are a family. Unless our family is comfortable sharing our experiences from the investigation, we will not move forward until/unless they do.

Thank you for your patience with us, your support, and your encouragement.


Long Weekend…
Long Weekend… avatar

We had a chance to investigate two very unique locations and ended up with two very different results.

As we have made it clear before, we go into a location and if something or some things happen that we cannot explain we do our best to document them. However, we also go in without any expectations of having anything happen at all, and if we are unable to experience anything we make it clear that we did not on that particular night experience anything. As for the two investigations we did in roughly 3 days earlier in May we ended up with very easily documented and what we considered to be uncommon occurrences.

One very dramatic incident was what we are referring to a as an oppression. From the time we arrived at this particular location one of our team was experiencing being touched on her leg repeatedly over the course of a few hours. She ultimately ended up being more or less put into some sort of trance (for lack of a better word) and the video very clearly shows the progression of this happening.

With the second investigation, we experienced activity with a REM Pod that seemed to indicate a direct response to dozens of questions. These questions were being asked by someone who worked at the location and what indicated to us as being her father who had passed nearly 10 years earlier. It was very emotional as she would ask for specific responses, ask about specific events, and the REM would respond accordingly. Needless to say there were many tears and it was a much more positive feeling we all left with than the first of the two investigations.

We wanted to bring you up to date and let you know these are being worked on, the hours of video is being edited, audio is being analyzed, and it will be posted as soon as we feel we have them right.

Thank you to those who allowed us to investigate and participate.